"Beautiful Baby Tilapia" speaks Russian, Mandarin, and Galician now!
"Beautiful Baby Tilapia swims upstream to look for her missing family ... She cries as she swims, "Where is Mom Tilapia? Where is Dad Tilapia? Where is everyone? I'm afraid that my little brother and sister Tilapia are also gone!"
This story is about a small fish swimming in a big river in search of her family. In a simple and metaphoric way, the story tells about environmental problems.

All the illustrations for the movie were made entirely by kids!

Dome master — 00:04:34 — 4K — stereo audio (ENG, RU, ZH)
The cartoon was created in collaboration with Saint Augustin University of Tanzania, Service Learning Tanzania, Nyamalango Primary School (Mwanza, Tanzania), Fulldome Basement studio (Minsk, Belarus) and creative studio iDbox (Monaco). I was working as an art teacher for one month at Nyamalango school, we were experimenting a lot with different materials and subjects, we were talking about nature, animals, families, and of course we were playing a lot. And that's how all the illustrations were created. For some of the kids, it was their first painting experience. At the end of the classes, we organized a big exhibition (Maonesho in Swahili).
We are happy to make 'Beautiful Baby Tilapia' available for everyone interested!
If you want to have a copy of the film for your Planetarium do not hesitate to write me :
Mwanza — Monaco — Minsk

February 8 — 9, 2020 — DOME UNDER, Melbourne, Australia

"A charming approach to fulldome graphics with a surprising story for children and adults"

April 1 — 7, 2021 — MOTUS DOME, Kagi, Taiwan

June 16 — 19, 2021 — Reflections of the Universe, Yaroslavl, Russia

August 19th — 22nd, 2021 — Macon Film Festival official selection, Macon, USA

Juror Special Mention

October 22nd — 31st — INTERSECCIÓN Festival, A Coruña

And upcoming ...

Asya Dyro, film creator
"I'm persuaded that for creating Fulldome and VR immersive films we don't necessarily need complex and sophisticated computer graphics. I'm happy to involve kids in film production, I'm happy to let them create the special world that we can immerse into.

My next movie will be produced in the same manner, but this time I want it to be 15-20 minutes long and involve kids in the scenario creation.

Your donations will help me in the movie production. I'm grateful for all your support.
Thank you!"
Special thanks to
Joel Elphas
Service Learning Tanzania
Josef Badokufa
Service Learning Tanzania
Florestan Fillon
Mariam Pita
Ashoboza Kabalimu
Mengi Mheta
Nyamalago School head teacher
George Eliusery
AIESEC Tanzania
Alexei Fedotov
Technical and moral support
iDbox Monaco
Creative studio
Fulldome Basement
Creative Fulldome film studio
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